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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tattoo artist, kate scarborough. thanks very much. >> keep the at the tats to you. >> susan? >> i didn't learn much, because i know chicago is an absolutely amazing place. >> so excited, right down the street, navy pier. c.u.r.e. epilepsy. go to >> thank you very much, mika, for that. mike barnicle, in your glasses, what have you learned today? >> well, i learned the dinner is friday evening here. the c.u.r.e. dinner is friday evening and i learned that arguably america's greatest city, chicago, i much prefer to be here in june than january. no slight on chicago, but -- >> no doubt about it. willie, what did you learn? >> i learned that ari emanuel was quite literally tortured from birth by his brothers. now it makes sense. >> if it's way too early, what time is it?
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>> it's "morning joe." we'll see you back in new york tomorrow morning. stick around right now for chuck. going local, mitt romney prepares a bus tour in small towns in six states. president obama tries to turn the page on the past week with a series of small market interview himself in the small towns in batt battleground states like florida and colorado. everything, of course, came up in those interviews. and if it's tuesday, voting today in seven states. the contest to fill the former seat of congresswoman gabby giffords. while in nevada, virginia, north dakota, voting will help decide the lineups for november's key senate races. and john bryson makes a major decision following his hit-and-run convictions on saturday. all that and more coming up on thisda "the daily rundown." good morning from washington. it's tuesday, june 12th, 2012. also this morning, our deep dive
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into the sometimes strained relationships with israeli prime ministers, especially this one, beeb bibi netanyahu. both obama and romney are going rural, focusing on small towns and states that could make a difference this fall. this fall, romney launches a bus tour through battleground states. and president obama kicked off this week by going local, inviting reporters from eight small stations around the country to the white house. the target, mostly rural markets in battleground states. think sioux city, iowa, roanoke, virginia, and the biggest little city in america, reno, nevada, hoping to turn the page on the private sector is doing fine gaffe, the president made his state-by-state pitch for economic progress. >> you're seeing the kind of
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steady progress that i think wisconsinites and folks all across america are looking for. we want to see colorado's economy continue to grow and the country's economy continue to grow. what we've seen is the economy in virginia has improved and that the unemployment rate in a lot of areas has dropped significantly. >> and though the president didn't mention romney by name, he pointedly brought him up when a colorado springs reporter asked him why neither party can acknowledge that the other side is right about anything. >> it's true that the parties are divided right now, but it's not because my administration hasn't constantly reached out to them. even my health care bill, which is something that has generated a lot of negative attention on the republican side was modeled on the health care bill that was passed by their current republican nominee. so, obviously, it wasn't too far out. >> by the way, remember how much grief the president got from conservatives when he weighed in
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and argued that the supreme court should uphold health care reform? where newt gingrich appeared, romney made his own pitch about how the justices should rule, saying, "gosh, i hope they do the right thing and turn this thing down and say it's unconstitutional, because it is. this piece of legislation is bad policy, it's bad for health care, and i can tell you if i'm president, i'm going to stop it in its tracks on day one." in his interview with nbc's sioux city, iowa, affiliate, by the way, the president foreshadowed a decision announced later in the day, because later in the day, the president accepted commerce secretary john bryson's decision request for a medical leave of absence after a series of car crashes saturday linked to a seizure, according to the commerce department. the president's statement on bryson was not exactly a vote of confidence. >> i haven't spoken to him. i just found out about this today and, you know, my hope is that he's doing all right. we're still trying to find out.
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it sounds like it was health related in some way, but we're going to make sure that, obviously, he gets the best care. >> well, as you know, he is taking the medical leave of absence and it's not clear when he'll be coming back. today the president is raising money on the eastern seaboard. he has six fund-raisers in baltimore and philadelphia, expected to net at least $3.6 million. well, when romney kicks off his every town counts bus tour on friday, it will start in new hampshire where he launched his presidential campaign a year ago. wraps up a period for six weeks where romney has focused almost exclusively on fund-raising and kept a very low public profile. romney's five-day bus tour will take him through six states, new hampshire, pennsylvania, ohio, iowa, wisconsin, and michigan. pennsylvania's the most notable thing there, and michigan, two states that are trying to get back on the battleground. t this morning, the obama campaign is out with a new ad in several states, the latest hitting
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romney's record as massachusetts governor. here's a look. >> when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts was number one. number one in state debt. $18 billion in debt. more debt per person than any other state in the country. at the same time, massachusetts fell to 47th in job creation. >> the romney campaign has responded moments ago in a statement about the ad. quote, president obama has overseen $1 trillion deficits, soaring national debt, and the first credit downgrade in history. mitt romney, on the other hand, closeded a $3 billion budget shortfall, balanced four budgets, left a $2 billion rainy day fund,ed and received a credit rating upgrade. president obama will do anything to distract from his abysmal economic record. and despite that record, the fact that he thinks the private sector is, quote, doing fine. one more thing, a republican operative close to the romney campaign confirmed to reporters yesterday that romney will not release the names of his bund h lers, saying enough transparency already exists. if he wins in november, romney
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could very well be the at least transparent president in a generation, less transparent than the two previous republican presidential nominees, george w. bush and john mccain, who did release their bundlers, but the romney campaign believes there is no penalty with voters and they don't care if the media criticizes them, because the conservative media outlets won't criticize them for this. finally, if you want to understand why this election is being driven by economic anxiety, this is the biggest story of the day. look no further than this report on american wealth. according to the report by the federal reserve, it will recent economic crisis left the median american family in 2010 with no more wealth than in the early '90s. the net worth plummeted from $126,400 in 2007 to just $77,000 in 2010. families are also saving less. the share of family saving anything over the previous year dropped from 2007 to 2010. nearly 75% of families are in some form of debt. the share of credit card debt has gone down, that's good news.
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but the share of college debt has risen. both campaigns understand this election is about a fight who can make it morning in america again. and don't be surprised if these statistics end up as talking points at various times. in fact, here's mitt romney on fox just moments ago about them. >> i knew that that's why the american people are having such a hard time. that's why the idea of selecting as a campaign slogan "forward" is so absurd. people are having hard times in this country and the president needs to go out and talk to people, not just do fund-raisers. >> you know, it will be interesting, also, i want to point back on that college debt argument. that's why you'll see a deal cut very quickly, considering how much more of an impact the issue of student loans is on american incomes as it was to credit card debt in the way that used to previously be. by the way, we're going to get more into this topic, including how women respond to this, and maybe the deficit both campaigns
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have in talking to women about this pain. well, speaking of the economy, the relief over spain didn't last long, as the market always look for something else to worry about, apparently. and in europe, that attention means it's time to turn to italy. let's get the market rundown. cnbc's becky quick is here. so, look, i know the experts have been talking about this issue of contagion for a long time. and then after greece comes spain, and after spain comes italy. is there an after italy? or if we actually deal with italy, then finally europe might be done? >> you know, i hate to even throw this out there, but it could be that france would be the next one, they've been watching that very closely. it certainly hasn't played out in the debt markets yet. but, chuck, yesterday we had the shortest relief rally we've ever seen, with any solution that's come out of the euro zone. the complaint has always been it's been too little and too late. but usually the markets will stick around and like it for a week, maybe two weeks before they panic again. this relief rally lasted more than a day. yesterday morning at this time when i sat down with you, we were looking at triple-digit
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gains for the dow, opened up very strongly. we lost that rally throughout the course of the day. finally ended up with the dow down by almost 150 points, because people started scratching their heads and thinking about what europe had put out there. yes, they came up with a lot of money, about 100 billion euros, which is about $125 billion, but then they started thinking about where they were raising that money. well, you have to go to the biggest countries in the euro for that money, and that includes germany, which is number one, france is number two, and italy is number three. italy is responsible for 22% of that money. and italy right now is facing borrowing costs of about 6%. so they have to borrow money at 6%, they have their own problems that they're dealing with, turn around and loan it to spain at 3%. and people started realizing, hey, hold, this doesn't sound like all it's cracked up to be. those numbers don't work out. the markets have figured that out pretty rapidly, and that's why we've been seeing yields on both spanish and italian debt rising through the course of the morning. a lot of concerns still coming.
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and chuck, you talked about that federal reserve study, with the american wealth, the average family what they've been facing, the biggest thing you have to watch there is what happened to housing prices, because that really is the biggest nut for most american families. and when housing prices dropped, it decimated their wealth. we probably won't see a return until the housing market gets fixed. >> i continue to tell people, look at the battleground map through housing prices and foreclosures, in many ways, that will tell the story sometimes better than the unemployment rate. becky quick, thank you. talk to you tomorrow. >> see ya. all right. the obama campaign going back on offense, more attack ads on romney's record as massachusetts governor. why not seem to be shrugging off concerns they're going too negative, too fast. the romney team seems to be saying, bring it on. stephanie cutter will join me next. and the obama administration is stepping into the so-called voter purge. is it really just an attempt to the disenfranchise democratic
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some other stories we're watching this morning. u.n. special envoy kofi annan is seeking more diplomatic pressure on syria, where the government is reportedly using helicopter gunships and heavy artillery to attack civilians in rebel areas. there's a real fear he's going for another slaughter, as he's not letting certain u.n. inspectors in. today, arizona voters will decide whether ron barber will take gabby giffords' seat.
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it's a big, big statement democrats have to make there. if they don't hold this seat, there's going to be a lot of chatter that they really have no path to get back control of the house. and it's one of several primary elections taking place today. voters in north dakota, nevada, maine, virginia, and south carolina are all holding races today. the primaries aren't big deal, but the generals will be. the u.s. justice department and florida are locked in a legal battle over the state's attempt to purge non-u.s. citizens from voting rolls. florida is suing to access the department of homeland security's database to help with the effort, but the administration argues that the effort itself is illegal. this will not end today, i can promise you that. and if you can text, you can donate money to a political campaign. late monday, the federal election commission unanimously approved a proposal to let campaigns accept donations via text message, although it limits the amount to $50.
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lol, lmf? never mind. stephanie cutter, the president's deputy campaign manager, she joins me next. but today's trivia question. who was the only sitting member of the house of representatives to be elected president? come on, guys, an easy one. tweet me the answer@chuck yn todd @dailyrundown. we'll be right back. i've worked hard to build my family.
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begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. with leak investigations, verbal errors, if you're going to have an august slump as a presidential incumbent, you might as well get it out of the way in june. but this morning's news that the median family's worth has fallen to 1990s level, how does the campaign dust itself off and push ahead? joining me now is deputy campaign manager, stephanie cutter. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning.
6:21 am
how are you? >> good. i want to start off with another negative ad that you have. in may, you rightfully pushed back that it was a media creation that you guys were all negative, because on the air, i would say you were 90% negative, 10% positive. that is not the case anymore and june has been a lot of negative ads. you have a new one out this morning. here's a quick clip of it, and then i want to ask you a question on the other side. >> when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts was number one. number one in state debt. $18 billion in debt. more debt per person than any other state in the country. at the same time, massachusetts fell to 47th in job creation. >> of all the issues to bring up, is the debt the best issue for your campaign and the president to bring up, since you have not met the promises have made on dealing with the deficit? >> well, yes, chuck, it absolutely is. let me address two issues here. first, the president has a deficit reduction plan on the table, a tilted plan to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion.
6:22 am
$2 trillion of that has already been enacted into law. that's real progress in paying down our debt in a responsible, balanced way, to ensure that we continue growing our economy, we're taking care of the middle class. now, on the other side, mitt romney has these grand plans of how he's going to balance the budget and adopt the ryan budget to reduce the deficit. there's not one single study out there that shows that the ryan plan would actually result in deficit reduction. >> so is it a false promise? >> and mitt romney can't tell us how exactly he's going to reduce the deficit, other than making these grand promises. so the only -- >> so is that an empty -- >> the only thing we have to look at is his record in massachusetts, where he didn't reduce the deficit. he actually increased the debt of the state. number one per capita in the country. so mitt romney is not coming out of a puff of smoke. he has a record here and we need to talk about that record. we're in the course of a presidential campaign, and as you know, presidential campaigns are about choices. >> i understand that. so what was the president's
6:23 am
promise then? was that an empty promise? you're hitting mitt romney for making what you say are false claims and promises that he can't keep. so the half of the deficit, was that just a phony promise? >> no, it's not a phony promise, chuck, and we've made real progress towards it. i just went over the $4 trillion deficit reduction plan. you followed the debt ceiling debate last summer where the president tried to pull both parties together to make some very tough choices to get our debt under control. so we are putting policies on the table, we are pushing washington to make tough choices, we're taking it to the american people. that's the right thing to do. and we're speaking very openly about how we would do that. on the other hand, our opponent is not. instead, he has a $5 trillion tax cut geared towards the wealthy, millionaires and billionaires, and he doesn't tell us how he's going to pay for it. if you simply add up the numbers, he's blowing a hole in the deficit and the american people need to know that and they need to know what his record is. this is a legitimate debate to be having. >> are you concerned -- are you going to be able to keep up a
6:24 am
negative ad campaign like this for five months? do you think the voters -- are you at all concerned that voters might start tuning out the politics of it as white noise? >> chuck, i think that like in any presidential campaign, there is going to be a balance of ensuring that we're talking about the president's record, we're proud of that record, we've made significant progress in this country under president obama, from health care reform to wall street reform, to giving the middle class a tax cut and recovering from an economic crisis, the greatest economic crisis in a generation, and stopping this country from sinking into a depression. we're going to be talking about that record. we're also going to be holding mitt romney accountable for his report. because as i said, elections are about choices. so five months is a long way to go. lots of different things are going to happen. i'm not projecting exactly what ads we're going to have on the air, but we're not going to shrink from ensuring that mitt romney's record is accurate, accurately told out there, and he's held to the positions that he's taken. >> i want to talk about the
6:25 am
report from the federal reserve about american wealth, and obviously, it is -- paints a very grim picture of what the great recession did to american families' net worth. you know, you got to understand why a lot of people look at this and say, boy, these economic numbers, you know, how much of this are you guys responsible for and how much of this do you believe that the public's going to hold you accountable for? this feeling that they have, this is more than about jobs numbers, this is more than about a fight over student loan rates, although you could make an argument that all of that's connected, this seemed to be about how people feel where things are going. they don't seem to have a lot of hope. >> you know, if you look at that report, chuck, it tells you a couple of different things. it's data over 2008, 2009, and 2010, so right when we were in the midst of the nation's greatest recession we've ever seen, including, you know, a year and a half before the president couldn't even get his arms around the policies to put in place to stop the free fall
6:26 am
in the economy. now, you have that. you have the federal reserve pointing out that income for middle class workers has actually fallen. and that's a trend, according to the federal reserve, that we've been facing for more than a decade -- for more than a decade. a and there's a reason for that. the reason is for the last decade, we've been focusing on policies like giving tax cuts to the very wealthy, tax cuts that they didn't need and didn't ask for, that did nothing to grow our economy, and left the middle class on their own. whether it's increasing tuition, the housing bust, which is the greatest impact on the loss of wealth amongst middle class families. so the question is, what are we going to do about it? and that's really the debate that we're going to be having in this campaign. what are egoiwe going to do abot to help middle class families regain that security that once was the backbone of our economy? the president has a plan in place to do exactly that. we have a proposal sitting in front of congress to help middle
6:27 am
class families who may be underwater on their mortgages, but responsible with their payments to actually have the ability to knock down barriers to help them refinance their mortgages that would put $3,000 back in their pockets over the course of a year. that's why we fought for the payroll tax cut, to have $1,000 more in people's paychecks over the course of a year. that's why overall over the course of this administration, we've cut taxes for middle class families by more than $3,600. so our focus is on the middle class. i can't say that that's a debate that's going to be had on the other side, because you know the policies, the $5 trillion tax cut, repaying wall street reform, repaying the consumer product bureau. those are the types of things that we have worked to reform and change, so the middle class doesn't face an economic crisis and decades' worth of income failing. >> last question here, stephanie, what did you learn from the kerfuffle over with "t
6:28 am
private sector is doing fine" statement. >> what did we learn? >> yeah. >> we learned that a statement could be significantly taken out of context in both the press and by the romney campaign. you know what the president was saying, we have steady job growth in the private sector. according to every leading economist and the most recent jobs report, the thing that's dragging our economy right now is the continued layoffs at the state and local level. teachers, firefighters, cops. that's a continued drag on our economy. and there's a common sense solution to it. >> so was he trying to say the private sector is healthy or healthier? >> no, he has constantly said and he said that day that we have moor to do. we have to keep our foot on the pedal, and to continue growing this economy. that's why with we have a number of different proposals that would allow us to do that. whether it's helping femmes refinance their mortgages, which puts more money back into the economy, or stopping snefrs that sends our jobs overseas and creating new incentives that bring jobs home. renewing the clean energy tax
6:29 am
credit. people are making their investment decisions right now about what to invest in, what new technologies to invest in, where they're going to go over the course of the next year. that tax credit will expire at tend of the career. they need to know that congress will take the action necessary to extend that tax credit so we can continue developing this critical sector of our economy, so we're not ceding it to china or india and we're continuing to create jobs. so the clean energy sector alone, almost a quarter of a million jobs throughout the course of this administration. so there are common sense things that we can do, and that's what the president was trying to get across on friday. we just need some willing partners across the aisle to help us getting done. instead of rooting for the failure of this economy, we should put country first. >> stephanie cutter, got to leave it there. deputy campaign manager, stephanie, thank you. all right, israel's prime minister arguably wields more direct influence on american politics than any other world leader and folks, it's not even close. up next, we'll taking a close dive into bibi netanyahu's
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weight watchers made me believe i could do it. join for $1 and you will too. weight watchers. believe. because it works. he may be the most powerful foreign leader in u.s. politics. he has unparalleled influence when it comes to shaping the american political debate. in today's "deep dive," we're focusing on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's strange relationship with president obama, what it could mean for november. in their very first meeting, netanyahu rejected obama's demand that they stop building settlements. the housing issue undermined obama's trip to jerusalem in 2010, sinking u.s./israeli relations to their reportedly lowest point in decades. by may of last year, the president had grown so frustrated he gambled that he
6:34 am
could force the prime minister into some peace negotiations. >> what america and the international community can do is to state frankly what everyone knows. a lasting peace will involve two states for two peoples. we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be basednh. >> that speech and the that line made just before netanyahu arrived in washington seemed to infuriate the prime minister, who spent much of the trip shooting toshoot ing down the president's approach. and while president obama took heat from republicans and even some democrats, the u.s. congress welcomed netanyahu on that trip with open arms. >> i do see a lot of old friends here. and i see a lot of new friends of israel here as well. democrats and republicans alike. >> later that year, the president was caught in an open mic, discussing the israeli prime minister with then french
6:35 am
president nicolas sarkozy, who called netanyahu a liar. obama responded, you may be sick of him, but me, i have to deal with him every day. a stark example of how damaged the personal relationship had become between the two. but fast forward to this spring and tensions have eased somewhat. the two leaders have seem to come to the conclusion that the animosity was hurting both of them to a certain point and they've toned down the rhetoric. but what's fascinating is how the obama/netanyahu stands in sharp contrast to reports of the prime minister's ties to mitt romney. this is what's different. romney himself brought it up during a republican debate in december. >> i've also known bibi netanyahu for a long time, and i get on the phone to my friend and say, would it help if i said this? what would you like me to do? let's work together, because we're partners. >> well, there was a deep and long personal history between the two, but aware that that may seem odd for now a sitting prime minister of another country to
6:36 am
have such close ties to candidate challenging this nation's number one ally. netanyahu has done what he can to actually put some distance between himself and romney. he suggest the connection's been overstated now, simply saying, i knew him and he knew me, i suppose. a little deeper than that. david is a contributing editor to "vanity fair." his article is in the current issue. so much to get into here, david. i want to talk about first, though, the obama/netanyahu relationship. it's never been great. it got really bad in 2011. and then the two of them seemed to come to an almost, well, we might be stuck with each other for a while, so we better smooth things over. is that a fair assessment of where things stand? >> i think that is. i think it's really kind of like a bad marriage, and they realize that they really have to get along with one another. at least obama has to get along with netanyahu, because netanyahu's going to be around in israeli politics for the foreseeable future.
6:37 am
he's not going anywhere. so the american president is going to have to deal with netanyahu for a long time. and i think that obama realized that and i think that netanyahu also realized that there's no percentage in picking a fight with israel's best ally. and so i think they both stepped back this last visit and they've sort of reached together. >> i want to talk about netanyahu's politics. i think one of the things the american audience may not realize, he's not exactly enormously popular in israel, but he has such a control over the political infrastructure there, and, in fact, he now just shifted from a very conservative coalition to a more center right coalition, explaining. >> as i said in the piece, netanyahu dominates the israeli political scene unlike any prime minister for many, many years. i mean, he really has carved out the entire middle of the political spectrum, the middle of the right to the political spectrum. his position is unassailable
6:38 am
there. there's no one, even on the horizon, who poses any kind of risk to him. so he's incredibly powerful over there. and as i write in my piece, the real question is not whether he's powerful, but what he's going to do with all of the power that he has. >> you know, there's been some theories that he's -- everybody wants to read into imwhat they think they know about him, or what they knew about him in a relationship he might have had before he was prime minister. so for instance, some people putting him on the couch say, now that his father's passed away, that the more strident conservative streak in him will start to fade. to you buy this? >> not necessarily. i mean, if you even listen to the eulogy that he gave at his father's funeral, it's clear that his father's influence is enormous in his life, and sometimes people's influence even increases after they die. so i wouldn't look for any sea change in netanyahu's point of view, simply because his father is no longer on the scene. netanyahu is a person of deep
6:39 am
right-wing traditions, steeped in right-wing traditions, and also a tradition of pragmatism. netanyahu's principle objective, it seems, in many instances is political survival. and all of this, all of this tends to put a drag on any dramatic initiatives coming out of him. and i wouldn't necessarily look for any. >> i want to talk about -- go back to his influence in american politics, but particularly among republicans these days. we've talked a little bit about his relationship with mitt romney, and it the does seem to be -- how much of this the issue let me start with that very quickly, how much all of a sudden netanyahu himself and others trying to downplay their personal ties. how much of is that is diplomacy and how much of that is maybe it was overstated? >> it is curious. when he mentioned to me that he knew romney, i suppose. i was kind of struck by that, how he was stepping back from it. and later he made the same statement to "time" magazine. netanyahu is very conscious as being seen as a republican.
6:40 am
you know, he was quoted once by a former israeli diplomat, he told pinkus, i speak american with a republican accent. and this is damaging for him. i mean, obviously he has to get along with all parts of the political spectrum here. so it could be that he's stepping back and very consciously trying to distance himself from romney. on the other hand, it could be that romney is simply exaggerating his relationship with netanyahu. i mean, i was struck listening to the clip that you just played that romney mispronounced his name twice. so it could be that they really donate know one another all that well. they were at very different levels at boston consulting. >> and very quickly, the sheldon adelson ties, you write about this in your piece in "vanity fair." here's another reminder of this. here w aren the super pac front and he has grown very politically close to netanyahu, even starting up a pro-netanyahu
6:41 am
newspaper. >> yes, i think that adelson's influence is arguably even greater in israel than it is in the united states. i mean, he's revolutionized the media landscape in israel by starting this free newspaper that's very widely considered to be in bibi's pocket. >> david margolick of "vanity fair." a wonderful piece in this issue of "vanity fair." quite the issue this month. you've helped give us two different deep dives. thank you very much. up next, new numbers show president obama's lead still hanging in there in pennsylvania. is it a real battleground state or not? plus, more on the high price the middle class paid during the election is affecting this election. and a new soup of the day, i don't know what it means, but it's herb swiss charred and feta. basically, it looks like beer cheese soup but with a fancy name. don't forget us, you can follow
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6:46 am
finding. my tuesday panel, "roll call's" cheryl, and alfonzo of the latino partnership for conservative principles, welcome all. senator, i'm going to start with you, since we call them walmart moms, you represented the state where walmart is headquartered -- >> and i shop at walmart and costco. >> charlie quick wrote about this focus group and here's what he said. he said, "there was a split between those who thought that president obama had his chance to turn things around and those who hesitated about changing presidents when things were so bad. they were uncertain about having to start all over with a change in a deferent direction." so these were folks that they were picked out and shopped at walmart at least once in the last 18 months. and ideological wings were thrown out between these women in a couple of swing states in nevada and i think in florida. you said you were just home and the economic impact of just sort of being out of the beltway bubble. explain. >> yes with. well, this election is about the
6:47 am
economy. >> it's not about jobs, and it's not about -- it's about more than that. it's about an anxiety. >> it is. but look at the other article on the front page of "the post" today, where the fed tells us that, you know, the median income or not the median income, but the median wealth is down 39%. you've got moms out there that are working, they are paying the bills, they are the ones shopping, they know what's happening to their daughters, and they also know that the savings that they had got cut in half. whether it's trying to send their kids to school. >> so they're not saving now. >> they don't. that was one of the points, that there's no, you know, disposable income to be able to do that with. so i think you've got to focus. it's women and it's going to be seniors again, because they are the ones impacted the most. >> on a day-to-day -- you know, alfonzo, what was interesting about what their finding was too, was this issue of, people aren't sure -- they don't feel good, but they're not sure they want to change direction again, because they might -- it may
6:48 am
lead to the perspective, oh, no, that means we have to start over. you know, there's that feeling of, are we just throwing up the game and starting the game over, and it's another three years before they even feel the way they feel now. is that one of the bars mitt romney has to meet? like, sits there and he has to meet this, it's not just proving that things aren't going well. everybody knows that. it's proving that his direction is going to be so much better that it's worth throwing away the last four years. >> well, i don't think things get any worse. and president obama's right now in the white house. so it's his economy. i don't know -- i think people are willing to change. i think things are going the wrong direction. the president of the united states just recently said that the private sector's doing fine. and i think people are worried. and it's about the economy, but it's about jobs as well. and the problem is that the private sector's not recruiting. so people are concerned. and i think at this time, we've seen it in the past, and we saw it with george h.w. bush. we had a difficult economy and people were open to choose a different president.
6:49 am
>> and that did seem to be -- no, that seems to be this debate. the romney campaign believes it's 1992. they believe this is -- and what's funny is when you look at the numbers, the way the people say the direction of the country, it's not -- the numbers don't say it's like 1992, even if the economic numbers say it is. politically, it doesn't. >> and that's one of the reasons why they really seized on the private successor is doing fine moment. i sat through those same panels, the walmart mom panels and thought they were really interesting. and i was struck as well by how hesitant some of these women were to swap horses midstream. it was almost fdr, 1994, that slogan was coming back. it was quite unique. >> and normally that's a war mantra. it was made famous by 44 and bush may have benefited from it in '04 in a very close election, with same women voters over a different issue. >> but, i also think they're smart enough to know that this is not just president obama's economy. they remember 2008.
6:50 am
they know what happened. it's still very clear in the rearview mirror. and i think they are more anxious to see people coming together and figuring out the solutions. >> when we come back, i want to talk pennsylvania, i want to talk hispanic media buys. we were just off-camera. a lot to get to. but first trivia time. we asked who was the only sitting member of the house of representatives to be elected president? the answer. james garfield. 19 presidents have served in the house, but garfield was the only one to be elected president directly from congress, but it's because he didn't have to go through the primary process. we'll be right back. trust me. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. all we do. this summer, save up to 30%, plus get up to $100 on us. welcome to
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let's bring back our panel. alfonso al giar. is pennsylvania a ballots ground state? there's ones that will be swing states and ones that will be close. we know pennsylvania will be
6:54 am
close. can romney ever get over the hump there? another poll arguably conducted in obama's worst week so far of the year, and romney still behind. i say that tells you something, does it not? >> yeah, it does. i think it was six points behind, something like that. and although the margin shrunk from the previous quinnipiac poll, still a sizeable difference between the two candidates. i don't view it as a swing state anymore. i think democrats don't necessarily have it in the bag, but for them it's more of a question of how much money can they force republicans to spend there. >> or vice versa. how much money do republicans force democrats to spend? >> a financial battleground. >> speaking of money talks, let's look at our top ten, most saturated tv markets in the country. this week, a new number-one, columbus ohio was number two last week. here it is. columbus. richmond, number two. des moines number three. here are the swing states. ohio, virginia, iowa, north carolina and there you go, four states being represented. what -- alfonso, when you see that, what does that tell you
6:55 am
where the campaign is getting decided now? >> clearly the battleground states. looking at ohio, looking at north carolina. and i think romney is doing very well in ohio right now. he is ahead by a couple points within the margin of error. north carolina, i think he's got a real shot, especially as the president came out supporting guy marriage. if he picks up florida and is ahead in florida by -- according to the latest poll from quinnipiac by six points. >> but senator, it's the states not in there. no florida right now, no pennsylvania. sometimes you say to yourself, and interestingly, colorado hasn't even cracked the top ten. that may change. again, this is saturation, this is not about money. more money being spent in florida because it's so expensive. it is interesting that virginia and north carolina, two states we had really talked about in 12 years suddenly at the forefront. >> well, but i think you've also got senate races in those places too that are going to make a difference. i was just with tim kaine not too long ago and he is a dynamo.
6:56 am
>> it's spending. when will romney cross the million-dollar mark? >> ramping up his hispanic outreach effort, doing well in florida, according to quinnipiac, 40% of voters. and in nevada, according to the nbc marriage poll, 31% of his vote. needs 31 to 33%. we have to look at the hispanic votes, we have to look at the battle ground states. >> steve rothenburg, 20th anniversary. and backstreet boys may or may not make an appearance. >> 20th anniversary. which stu is it, angry stu or not so angry? >> not to ago re. >> please read my op-ed in politico today about obama's hypocrisy on immigration. >> something nobody has read in the "arkansas gazette" mitt romney's name sake is buried in arkansas. >> get out of here.
6:57 am
>> yeah. >> now you have to read it. that's it for today's "the daily rundown" . tomorrow on the show, we'll have more on what's going on on the results from a big primary day today. coming up next on msnbc, chris jansing and company. bye-bye. i'm meteorologist bill karins with your business travel forecast. if you're in the eastern half of the country, there's a good bet you have a chance of showers or thunderstorms during the day today. we'll include areas like new york late in the day, d.c., and atlanta also. just a humid air mass. beautiful conditions from the great lakes to the middle of the country. areas like from dallas north wards are going to be just fine today, including minneapolis. enjoy. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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